27 September 2005

I can't believe how boring this job is! I'm working at a University, entering the details of student registration forms onto a database. It's money, but I don't know how long for. Once all the forms are completed I am out of a job. If only I didn't get drunk before my shift in my last job. I would still be there. But, maybe I wouldn't have made as much of an effort to change my life!

On a good note I have an interview tomorrow- fundraising for a charity. Also my love life seems to be looking up. Pascal genuinely seemed pleased to hear from me. I just wish we didn't live in different countries.

24 September 2005

My 3 Month Challenge

It's now 3 months, 1/4 of a year until Christmas Eve and I have set myself a number of end of year resolutions! (well, actually they were New Year resolutins origanally but I never got around to them. I would like to have numbers 1-8 all sorted as I sit there drinking mulled wine and munching on mince pies. Resolutions 9 and 10 will hopefully be somewhat underway.

1. Get a worthwhile and meaningful job
2. Move to London
3. Cut down drastically on alcohol consumption
4. Stop smoking
5. Lose 10kg in weight
6. Start paying off debts
7. Start saving
8. Sort out love life
9. Sort out University degree
10. Learn French

These will all help me to become a fully fledged member of the adult race, I'm 28! I'm sure the term 'get a life' was made for me.

You will soon learn why each of these resolutions is important to me and how not sticking to them has affected my life.